June Farm Wedding

We were so lucky to be a part of another amazing wedding that took place in June at the bride's family farm in Oxford, PA. You may recognize the maid of honor....Erin, who we worked with in May at Congress Hall , is the sister of the bride. Although the weddings only took place a month apart, the styles were completely different so the guests had a unique experience at each event. This day was filled with surprises...

The bride's parents' farm provided a fairy tale setting for portraits and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

The bridesmaids, Chelsea's sister Erin and Gary's sister Eva, looked stunning in red among the green backdrop of the farm! Here are the girls taking a stroll through the stables.

The day of the wedding Gary and his groomsmen were go-carting on the property. The two groomsmen flipped their go-cart and ended up being sent to the hospital! It was not pretty and a bit stressful but made for some hysterical photos taken by Mike Kehr as the bride and groom's parents helped the guys get dressed!!

The groomsmen made it back literally 30 minutes before the ceremony, bruised and bandaged!

Nancy Saam created simple, stunning centerpieces that dressed up the ballroom at the

while NYC Photobooth provided pictures for the guestbook!

I absolutely loved the wedding cake.
Bredenbeck's captured the couple's personal style perfectly!

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