Fashion Fridays: "something blue" & reasonable too!

just saw these adorable pour la victoire "stella" shoes on Martha Stewart and found them for sale here. Love that they have the colorful soles à la Louboutin without the pricetag (get these for less than $100). Upon further inspection, I see that they have a few cute options for wedding shoes & some fun eveningbags as well- ah I am a sucker for anything with ruffles!

Happy Holidays!


Interiors: "The right amount of wrong"

When I was touring some venues with my client the other day, we passed the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia.  She and I agreed that the space is amazing as I had just seen the new website & apparently, she had taken a tour a few years ago.  One of the things she remembered most from the tour was that every room has a touch of imperfection as a reminder that only g_d is perfect.  This concept has stuck in my mind, so when I was reading a magazine and saw an ad for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas- "The right amount of wrong" my interest was piqued enough to go online and check out the photos.  Although I am not a Vegas girl, this looks like it might be worth the sacrifice...


round-up: gift wrap ideas

With the first night of Hanukkah upon us and Christmas right around the corner, I thought I better share these great gift wrap ideas that I have been collecting...

This first group is from Amanda Rae. I can't believe the beauty she created by combining simple materials of lace, craft paper and burlap- amazing!

This next group is from one of my favorite blogs- Under the Sycamore.  Such an inventive use of dollar store paper doilies, scrap fabric and of course the simple, but beautiful baker's twine.

I also found this recycled paper garland from Terrain, which could really be a a fun DIY project if you can sew....

Lastly, I am always drawn to the classic silhouette and these little creations from designs by thoughts are just adorable!

So what is your favorite gift wrap?  I would love to hear any ideas.

Happy Holidays!