round-up: gift wrap ideas

With the first night of Hanukkah upon us and Christmas right around the corner, I thought I better share these great gift wrap ideas that I have been collecting...

This first group is from Amanda Rae. I can't believe the beauty she created by combining simple materials of lace, craft paper and burlap- amazing!

This next group is from one of my favorite blogs- Under the Sycamore.  Such an inventive use of dollar store paper doilies, scrap fabric and of course the simple, but beautiful baker's twine.

I also found this recycled paper garland from Terrain, which could really be a a fun DIY project if you can sew....

Lastly, I am always drawn to the classic silhouette and these little creations from designs by thoughts are just adorable!

So what is your favorite gift wrap?  I would love to hear any ideas.

Happy Holidays!

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Pat said...

Love the ideas, Melody, but my favorite is the combination of lace, craft paper, and burlap. Especially in my business (wedding design), we have to be able to make disparate things work together and these packages are a perfect exercise in combining simplicity and elegance uniquely.