Celebrating Earth Day with Ellen!

Yesterday morning Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a task to her Philadelphia followers to design a creative outfit out of found and recycled objects in honor of Earth Day and gave us 5 hours to complete the task. So the girls at Innove decided to rise to the occasion and accept the challenge to see what we could create from remnants of past events and other objects around our studio. Kimberly came in with a Chinese lantern and that started the entire concept. From there we collected old ribbon, tickets, fabric, cocktail napkins, plastic packaging and hanging crystals from used centerpieces and the design team went to work sketching, gluing and sewing.

A few hours later Ellen tweeted the location to the contestants, we were to arrive at Independence Hall and show off our digs to her crew. So we set out on foot from our office over to the grassy knoll to size up the competition. The walk over was quite comical, tons of confused pedestrians and lots of awkward stares!

We made it to the location, relieved that we were not the only crazy people in Philly to take on the task, we met the other contestants and our biggest competitor, a local high school student who was dressed like an eco-friendly Carmen Marinda.

Despite the cold, rainy weather, it was totally worth it. At the end, Jeanie and Ellen chose the winners and we took home a new bike! Watch out for us, the new Innove bike will be making appearances to and from meetings in Old City!

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