Yes We Did, Part Two!

We kicked off the inaugural celebration with a bang at the "Yes We Did" party on January 19th, in Washington D.C. The party took place at the Washington Plaza Hotel, and we were absolutely delighted to share this occasion with close to 1,200 guests! The Pennsylvania fare of mini cheese steaks and warm pretzels, set the tone for a festive cocktail party. Tribeca Grand and Sister Sledge rocked the house with energetic performances and Broadway for Obama, a children's ensemble, added a youthful spirit to the evening. The party was a success and we had a great time. We were so excited to meet Maria Cooke, from Ritzy Bee who stopped by before the event to wish us luck. A special thanks to Janie Medley, for creating amazing flower arrangements, including the cutest customized stationary for the "Yes We Did" tree that graced the entrance to the party. Also a huge thanks to Laura Luis from Three Lights Photography, for taking beautiful pictures of the event. We look forward to many more events with you guys! Here are some pictures from the party.

P.S. - This weekend I am hosting a "Tea Party" themed baby shower in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I will make sure to post pictures!

Have a great weekend!

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