An American Girl in Paris, Day Two

We had an amazing day!

We started off with breakfast at Sanserveria which is located next to Jardin des Tuileries and then headed towards the Louvre. On our way we found Velib, a public bike rental location, so after a little research we figured out how to rent them and off we rode to Le Marais. Le Marias is the cutest place, with small streets and little shops and restaurants that are so picturesque. During our stroll through the gorgeous section of Paris we came across a small wedding in a courtyard, so of course I stopped to see the bride and groom. I looked like the paparazzi trying to get a picture for this post and fianlly after a little manuvering I managed to sneak one as they were lining up for family photos. I also got a great shot of their getaway car.

We made it back to the apartment and are getting ready to head to La Donfaine de Mars for some dinner.  I will check back tomorrow after our trip to Versailles.

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