There's A Carnival In Town

Innove Events is thrilled to announce that we will be collaborating with The Knot and other Philadelphia vendors to help launch The Knot's annual market event! We've come up with what we think will be an amazing theme and hopefully gets guests interacting and enjoying themselves. As you can see from our inspiration board below, we've decided on a carnival theme event and we've got tons of great ideas in store! The stacked ticket centerpiece is simply adorable and the colors make for a fun and vibrant evening. We're still working on some of the details and in the midst of fine tuning everything. We've got lots of work to do at the office, but we're so excited to be a part of this!

We're still looking for great sponsors for the event's gift bags and there are plenty of other opportunities as well!

We will keep you all posted on the progression of the event. It's set for October, so we still have plenty of things to get done in a short amount of time!

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable rest of the week - Lindsay

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