An Amazing Woman

Hi Everyone,

Today I am celebrating the life of Amanda Gasser. She was a childhood friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over 2 years ago and sadly passed away yesterday morning. She was the most energetic, fun spirited person I have ever come in contact with and want her to story to be an inspiration. She was the wife of Shawn, the mom of Addison, the sister to 6 brothers and sisters and the daughter of Bob and Mary Lane. She was someone I always looked up to and who could always make everyone laugh with her sarcastic humor. I know she will be missed dearly by friends and family and I hope that her life will be remembered with lots of love and laughter. She and her family had set up a website with the Caring Bridge which is an amazing organization for people with critical illnesses. She had a journal which she updated with reports of her progress and she was able to read guest book entries from people which she said helped her make it through the hard days. I would truly recommend this site to anyone who is going through a similar situation with a friend or family member.

Take a moment today and celebrate someone's life!

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